A Bellevue Love Story - Drama - 105 pages

When a manic and a depressive begin a hospital romance, it will force us to question everything we thought we knew about medicine and the healing power of love. 

I Love You I'll Miss You Goodbye - Comedy - 99 pages

Before committing suicide, a young man embarks on a cross-country quest to say goodbye to, and obtain closure from, all the people that have touched his life.

Diamond in the Rough – Drama – 119 pages

A Hispanic high school student from Bed-Sty fights through poverty and a fatherless home in his attempts to land a baseball scholarship that would help him escape the slums of Brooklyn and continue to play the game he loves.

Racing Twilight – Drama – 113 pages

Upon completion of an eleven-year sentence, a wrongfully convicted rapist is accepted into Western Carolina University, where he makes the basketball team as a walk-on and leads the school to the first NCAA Tournament in school history.

Inspiration Therapy - Comedy - 115 pages

A successful psychologist in the bowels of a mid-life crisis develops a hypno-therapy procedure that, if successful, will alter his personality and help him rediscover his passion for life.

Cropsey - Horror - 95 pages

A mysterious Doctor lures four destitute women into a dangerous experiment that will explore the darkest corners of the human psyche and attempt to prove the existence of a horrifying urban legend.

The Rainmaker - Drama - 118 pages

A highschool basketball prodigy toils with the decision of whether to turn pro or attend college while trying to reconcile with his alcoholic father – who is responsible for his mother’s death.

Weeds in the Garden - Thriller - 91 pages

A widow and her daughter move to a new town where they open a greenhouse and partner up with the owner of a fertilizer company who may not be as perfect as he seems.